A Drug Trafficker Attempts To Escape Jail From Brazil

A Drug Trafficker Attempts To Escape Jail From Brazil

When visiting hours ended at a jail outside Rio de Janeiro, a young lady made her way towards the exit before guards took a second look and pulled her apart. It turns out she wasn’t a lady in any respect – however a known male drug trafficker.

Clauvino da Silva was sentenced to 73 years and 10 months in jail. His escape plan, jail authorities informed local media, was to have his 19-year-old daughter go to the jail generally known as Bangu 3, disguise himself as her after which leave her behind in his place.

It might need to be worked; however, authorities say the “lady’s” air of nervousness signaled one thing was amiss.

A video launched by a local lawmaker reveals the odd and slightly creepy reveal.

First, it reveals what may look like a younger lady with long black hair wearing glasses and a pink shirt with photos of doughnuts. One of many guards takes off “her” glasses and lifts off the black wig, revealing an unusually smooth head. Then the person in disguise removes the pink shirt and a bra, revealing a muscular male frame with arm tattoos.

Then the individual grabs what’s clearly a silicone mask and pulls it over his head. Underneath is a man in his 40s wearing a buzz cut, blinking continuously. When requested, he says his name. Da Silva, nicknamed “Baixinho,” which means “Shorty,” was a manager of the Red Command, which The Associated Press calls “probably the most powerful criminal groups in Brazil that managed drug trafficking in large part of Rio.”

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