This Is The Best Time To Buy The Final Cheap Porsche 911

This Is The Best Time To Buy The Final Cheap Porsche 911

Porsche 911s aren’t cheap. They’re not cheap when new, actually — the just-announced base model of the latest 992-generation 911 starts at $97,400 — they usually are more and more turning into expensive on the used market, as well. The 993-generation has long commanded a premium, due to its status because the last of the “classic” air-cooled 911s; that desire for the purity of retro rides has additionally pushed the costs of other earlier 911s increased in the last couple decades. Likewise, the 997-generation 911 that’s arguably the first truly modern example of the breed still holds its worth properly, and the outgoing 991-generation still holds its worth well enough to place it out of reach of discount hunters.

However, there’s one generation of Porsche 911 that is still a bargain: the 996.

As we’ve discussed before, the 996 — built from 1997 to 2006 — has been maligned for quite a causes, beginning with its water-cooled flat-six and its runny-egg headlights and continuing by its lackluster interior. However, these are the types of quibbles which are simple to make when a brand new car winds up being a large deviation from an iconic predecessor. Here in 2019, with near 20 years between us and the 996, lots of these complaints appear to be missing the forest for the trees. It still has that iconic silhouette, it still has the engine in the back, it still makes that coarse boxer roar whenever you mat the gas, and it still puts a smile on its driver’s face when she or he tosses it through a turn. It’s still a Porsche 911.

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