From The Office Web Apps, Microsoft Removed The 'Online' Name

From The Office Web Apps, Microsoft Removed The ‘Online’ Name

The next time you fire up the net versions of Microsoft’s Office applications, you would possibly discover one thing slightly totally different about them. Beginning “relatively soon,” Microsoft is dropping the “Online” branding of its Office Online suite and can refer to the web apps as simply Office. The choice signifies that the company’s products like “Word Online” and “PowerPoint On-line” will now merely be “Word” and “PowerPoint.” The identical goes for the remainder of Microsoft’s line of Office apps.

On the one hand, ditching “Online” as a naming conference is sensible. It goes without saying if you’re accessing the app through the web that you’re utilizing the “online” version of it. Then again, it would trigger some confusion when Microsoft tries to distinguish between its desktop, mobile, and web apps. The corporate mentioned that it’ll proceed to refer to the net-based apps as “Office for the web” to clarify the platform, which is the type of what the “Online” moniker did for them already.

Whereas the popular Office apps together with Word, PowerPoint and Excel are shaking the “Online” descriptor; different Microsoft products will likely be hanging onto it. The company stated it should proceed to make use of the naming convention for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and Office Online Server.

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