Nickelodeon Slime And An Adidas Soccer Ball Will Be Launched In Space By SpaceX

Nickelodeon Slime And An Adidas Soccer Ball Will Be Launched In Space By SpaceX

Nickelodeon’s green slime will quickly ooze its way onto the International Space Station.

In the name of STEM education, the kids’ tv network is launching a publicity campaign that features putting a bundle of slime in a SpaceX Dragon capsule and flying it to the orbiting laboratory this week.

The launch, which can include 5,500 different experiments and provides for the six astronauts aboard the ISS, is scheduled for 6:24 pm ET on Wednesday from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The slime grew to become famous for drenching unwitting competitors throughout Nickelodeon game shows such as “Double Dare” in the 1990s. The community says it is sending slime to the space station for educational purposes — and to unfold the fun for a new era.

“We will slime a few astronauts and put it through a couple of demonstrations,” stated Andrew Machles, a VP of public affairs at Viacom, which owns Nickelodeon.

He stated the astronauts will seize video of how the slime moves in microgravity, and the material will probably be used to develop a curriculum for young students that might roll out as quickly as September, Machles informed CNN Business.

Scientists have known how water behaves in space: It forms hovering blobs that may be slurped up with straw mid-air. However, it’s not completely clear how the slime will behave. It isn’t even clear what it is manufactured from — Nickelodeon says the elements are a strongly held secret.

Machles refused to comment on the financial terms of its ISS experiment.

Becoming a member of Nickelodeon’s slime aboard SpaceX’s resupply might be an Adidas soccer ball.

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