10 Years A Ago Man Was Missing And Was Found Dead Behind Supermarket Cooler

10 Years A Ago Man Was Missing And Was Found Dead Behind Supermarket Cooler

A body located behind a Council Bluffs, Iowa, grocery store cooler in January has been recognized as that of a store worker who was missing in 2009.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s Criminalistics Laboratory confirmed on Monday that the remains had been those of Larry Ely Murillo-Moncada, who disappeared 10 years ago at age 25.

Murillo-Moncada left his house upset in November 2009, his mother and father informed the police at the time and was never seen again, based on the Omaha World-Herald.

On January. 24 of this year, contractors dismantling parts of the No Frills Grocery store in the wake of its closure three years earlier discovered the decomposing body behind a cooler. Police estimated it had been there for years. However, it took DNA analysis to discover a match between Murillo-Moncada and his biological mother and father’ genetic samples.

It was not unusual for retailer staff to return and go when they weren’t officially on duty, the administration instructed police at the time. Police additionally stated the space above the coolers was used as storage, and it was thus commonplace for workers to climb on top of them.

In Murillo-Moncada’s case, the move proved fatal.

“Investigators consider Murillo-Moncada went into the shop after leaving his house and climbed on top of the coolers, the place he fell into a gap between the back of the units and the wall that measured about 18 inches and have become trapped,” the Des Moines Register reported.

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