Near The Cape Cod, A Great White Shark Jumped In Front Of The Boat

Near The Cape Cod, A Great White Shark Jumped In Front Of The Boat

At least no one can say that this fishing trip was boring.

A bunch of fathers and sons out fishing received more action than they anticipated when a great white shark leaped out of the water next to the charter boat and stole a fish off one boy’s line.

Doug Nelson and his son joined a Saturday outing on Cape Cod Bay, off the coast of Massachusetts, he informed CNN.

One of many boys on board hooked what seemed to be a “good-sized fish,” Nelson mentioned, so he grabbed his cellphone to seize a shot.

Instead, he filmed a detailed encounter with the ocean’s apex predator, as a great white shark got here up behind the fish the boy caught, jumped up in the air, and snatched it.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy confirmed to CNN that the shark was an amazing white.

Great white sharks make their house in Cape Cod Bay each summer season. However, this summer season, the sheer number of them — and their proximity to people — is confounding beachgoers.

Within the span of 1 week at the end of June, researchers noticed 12 great white sharks close to the bay.

A number of weeks later, a popular Cape Cod beach was forced to shut after a number of sharks have been photographed swimming near shore, CNN affiliate WHDH reported.

White sharks in Massachusetts have loved federal and state protections since 1997 and 2005, respectively.

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