Outside Africa, Chunk Of Skull Was Found

Outside Africa, Chunk Of Skull Was Found

Scientists declare to have recognized the earliest sign of our species outside of Africa with the restoration of a chunk of the skull from a cave in southern Greece.

The skull is supposed to be no less than 210,000 years old, making the fossil 16,000 or more years older than an upper jaw bone from Israel previously considered the earliest modern human discover outside of Africa.

If confirmed, the new evaluation could show that Homo sapiens started leaving Africa much previously thought.

The fossil in query – a section from the rear of a skull – was discovered a long time in the past throughout an excavation in the late 1970s of the Apidima Cave within the southern Peloponnese region of Greece and later stored in a University of Athens museum.

Only with the arrival of latest technology has it become possible to review the discovery in detail, according to Katerina Harvati of the University of Tuebingen in Germany, who was invited to take action.

“We are able to produce a CT scan now to attempt to restore the specimen to its original anatomy,” Harvati, who along with others announced the results of their analysis within the journal Nature on Wednesday, stated.

“We operated nearly more than 60 little pieces of bone and tried to place them in their original place and removed sediments from cracks,” she stated, including that two groups, each following totally different standards, produced four unique reconstructions, which had been then analyzed.

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