In The History Of Moon Exploration, The City Of Arizona Played A Vital Role

In The History Of Moon Exploration, The City Of Arizona Played A Vital Role

When folks think about space missions and moon landings, it is often Cape Canaveral, Fla., and Houston, Texas, that involves thoughts.

However, this Arizona city has additionally performed a crucial role in space exploration. It’s where NASA trained all its Apollo astronauts before setting foot on the moon, and it’s where professors, scientists, astronauts, and astronomers are still conducting moon and space research for NASA right now.

“It’s fascinating to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landings however that work hasn’t stopped,” stated Laszlo Kestay, an analysis geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey.

The town has spent the last year celebrating its place in lunar landing historical past. There have been greater than 100 occasions and astronaut meet-and-greets. It is not broadly identified. However, Flagstaff still performs an essential role in understanding the moon. On this mountainous pine forest section of the desert, Nadine Barlow, a space-grant director for NASA and Northern Arizona University, is researching where the most effective location can be for people to stay on the moon. “There is the talk of sending people and establishing a base in perhaps the biggest influence basin on the surface of the moon, which known as the South Pole Aiken Basin,” Barlow mentioned. “It’s situated close to the South Pole (of the moon). It’s a really, very massive impact basin.”

Barlow stated there’s a Chinese rover in that location feeding data back to them about a “possible landing site.” The base would house scientists, engineers, and — relying on how long-term the support can be.

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