The Exotic Orange Bird Has A Shocking Secret

The Exotic Orange Bird Has A Shocking Secret

A group of animal rescuers in Buckinghamshire, U.K., had been shocked to seek out that an “exotic” bird rescued from the side of a British highway was only a seagull coated in curry.

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, an educating veterinary hospital which improves injured animals with the aim of releasing them again into the wild, took to its Fb web page last week to share photographs of a colorful bird, which was introduced into the ability by motorists.

“This bright-orange herring gull was rescued by kind members of the general public who noticed him at the side of the A41,” the hospital addressed. “Once they are called to say they’d picked up an orange bird, we had no thought what to anticipate – and would never have guessed at this!”Apparently, the bird had somehow gotten himself coated in “curry or turmeric,” which damaged his feathers, “stopping him from flying properly.”

However, after a bath from Tiggywinkles’s strong team, the pungent seagull, nicknamed Vinny after a Vindaloo curry, was left looking spotless.

“He’s now trying much better and will be able to go for release very soon!” the hospital addressed. “As we are saying, we by no means know what’s going to come through our doors next!”

Strangely enough, Vinny just isn’t the first reported case of his type.

In 2016, employees at the Vale Wildlife Hospital in Gloucestershire, U.K., rescued a seagull that turned bright orange after falling into a bathtub of chicken tikka masala.

It’s believed the hungry bird was scavenging in some bins outside a food factory, trying to pick bits of meat from a pot, when he lost his footing and fell into leftover sauce.

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