Pictures Of Damaged MacBook Pro Showed The Necessity To Answer Apple's Recall

Pictures Of Damaged MacBook Pro Showed The Necessity To Answer Apple’s Recall

If your MacBook Pro is part of the recall declared by Apple last month, best you get it sorted quickly rather than later if you haven’t already done so.

The importance of the situation has been highlighted by a disturbing set of images posted by Florida resident Steve Gagne.

Apple issued the recall on June 20 over concerns that the battery in some older MacBook Pros could heat and pose a safety risk. A few days earlier, the Pro owned by Gagne — a machine that he later learned was part of the recall — apparently caught fire without warning.

Gagne posted the photos shortly after the recall was declared, though they came to wider study this week after being surfaced by PetaPixel. They show a badly damaged machine, somewhat blackened by the fire.

Recounting what happened, Gagne wrote in a Facebook post that he was settling down for the night when “the battery in my MacBook Pro blew and a small fire filled my house with smoke.”

He went on: “You can imagine how quickly I jumped out of bed. The sound of it was what first threw me for a loop, but then the smell of a strong chemical/burning smell is what got me.”

Gagne stated that he usually kept the laptop “on my couch or in a basket with notebooks [and] journals,” but that thankfully, on this occasion, he’d left it on his coffee table, decreasing the chances of a more catastrophic blaze.

He continued that when the battery caught fire, his MacBook Pro had been in sleep mode, with the display closed and the machine unplugged.

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