On Thursday, Seattle Children's Hospital Declares To Reopen The Operating Rooms

On Thursday, Seattle Children’s Hospital Declares To Reopen The Operating Rooms

Seattle Children’s Hospital stated on Wednesday that they plan to reopen operating rooms on Thursday, saying they feel it is safe to resume operations.

All 14 main operating rooms have been investigated and are now free of Aspergillus fungus, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Del Beccaro stated during a press conference on Wednesday.

“We are very sorry for the result of the air quality issue in our operating rooms has had on our patients and families. Maintaining a safe environment for our patients is our most important priority and over the course of the past six weeks, we worked diligently to complete extensive improvements and corrective actions so that we can safely reopen our operating rooms,” Children’s stated in a press release.

Five patients had been infected and one patient died from fungus exposure at the hospital.

“People can get Aspergillus on their clothing, and in their hair just walking around outside, so you could imagine how little bits of Aspergillus can make their way into a hospital,” stated Dr. Danielle Zerr, the Chief of Pediatric Infectious Disease at Seattle Children’s, in May.

Three of the patients were infected in 2018 and three in 2019 – the patient who died was infected in 2018.

On Sunday, Children’s declared it had closed its main operating rooms while experts examine an “air quality issue.”

After the Aspergillus was found, Children’s closed a group of rooms and shifted patients to nearby hospitals.

The finding led the Washington State Department of Health to examine and issue a warning – if they don’t get a plan in place, they could possibly lose their state license, KOMO reported last month.

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